Kataragama Guest House Contact Number

Kataragama Guest House Contact Number

Kataragama: Where Spirituality, Culture, and Tradition Converge

Nestled in the southern reaches of Sri Lanka, Kataragama is a place of profound spiritual significance, cultural richness, and ancient traditions. Revered by devotees of various faiths and frequented by travelers seeking a unique experience, Kataragama holds a special place in the hearts of those who visit.

1.Ceybank Rest House

Address : C87J+29Q, B464, Kataragama
Contact Number : 0472235229

2.Romana Rest

Address : Nava Kirivehera Road, Kataragama 91400
Contact Number : 0716884828

3.Dinesh Guest House

Address : No29 Nagasena Mawatha, Kataragama
Phone Number : 0713679002

4.Sri Mayura Holiday Resort

Address : C89C+C96, Kataragama
Contact Number : 0763261103

5.National Holiday Resort by SLTDA (Tourist Board Rest House)

Address : Depot Rd, Kataragama
Phone Number : 0472235227